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What our clients say

The day could not have gone any better – genuinely one of the better set of groups I’ve had the fortune of working through, and certain we’ll be seeing you soon!

Testimonial by Financial Professionals Q-3 2019

The recruit turned out to be more challenging than anticipated and you put in a lot of effort in getting what we were looking for. It’s when things get tough that true spirit and professionalism often shines through, and I feel like that exemplifies how you handled this recruit. You are definitely our preferred partner for any future project we might have in your area.

Testimonial by Consumer Products Q-2 1017

As always the client was beyond thrilled with the recruit, probably one of the best ever! Thank you for the quick turnaround and for always being such a great support to me. I’d be lost without all of you! I have enjoyed all the opportunities we have had in 2017 and the years preceding and looking forward to more in 2018. It’s always an honor and privilege working with all of you!

Testimonial by Insurance Products Q-4 2017

Thank you for all you did to make this project so successful.  It was a wonderful experience working with you and your team; you all are so thorough and so professional.  Please thank your excellent recruiters for us!

Testimonial by Public Supported Broadcasting Q-1 2016

I wanted you to know from our end that everything went really, really well!  The recruit was fantastic – please pass along our thanks and appreciation to your entire team.  We really loved working with you and hope to continue the relationship in the future!

Testimonial by Protein Supplements In-Home IDI's Q-1 2016

I feel like thank you isn’t enough, but I truly appreciate all you did, along with your recruiters, receptionists, hostesses and all who made the project such a success.  The client felt the respondents were all very good, even exceptional…a very high quality recruit.  Thank you for always taking good care of us.  You are our “go-to, #1 preferred” facility in CT.  We wish there were more facilities like yours!  Looking forward to our next adventure!

Testimonial by Financial Services Q1 2016

Thank you very much for all of your help over the last few weeks.  We know the recruit wasn’t easy, but we were very pleased with the quality of the respondents.  The net result was a very happy client … which makes us very happy!  We’ll definitely come back the next time we are in your neck of the woods and appreciate all your dedication and hard work.

Testimonial by Health Supplements Q-1 2016

Thank you so much for all your hard work on our project, and for all the help you provided while we were there.  The research went very well and everyone loved your facility (including the food!)  We look forward to working with you all in the future.  Thanks!!

Testimonial by Adult Voters Q-1 2016

The client team and my research team were both very happy with the study.  Connecticut went the most smoothly of any of the markets in this research.  (Client) was absolutely floored that there were no no-shows – and everyone you recruited turned out to be a great participant.  Thank you for your and your team’s hard work on the project; we really appreciate it!

Testimonial by Women's Healthcare (off-site IDI's) Q-4 2015

Everything was absolutely wonderful!  As always 🙂   Thanks for kicking butt on this one.  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but you guys nailed it…the client was very impressed.

Testimonial by On-line Content Q-4 2015

Thank you so much to you and your entire team for helping to make this project a major success.  Our clients were very, very pleased with everything… and the recruit was fantastic.

Testimonial by Business Technology Q-4 2015

I wanted to say thank you for all your incredibly hard work!  There were many challenges and changes on the project, yet the research went very well, was executed flawlessly and we got excellent respondents from you.  We look forward to working with you again soon.

Testimonial by Prestige Cosmetics - in-store IDIs Q-4 2015

It was a pleasure working with you guys.  The recruiting was stellar and you were all so nice and so responsive to our needs…before, during and after the time we were at your facility.  A special shout-out for going above and beyond, with patience and a smile.  Thank you for everything!

Testimonial by Luxury Home Furnishings Q-4 2015

I just wanted to let you know that we think you all are amazing to work with.  We wish we could clone your facility and team so we can have this kind of positivity and productivity on every project.  Thanks for everything!

Testimonial by Dental Care Q-4 2015

Thank you guys again, so much!  I know this one wasn’t easy and probably left you sleepless, so get some well-deserved rest tonight! Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication…you guys are awesome!

Testimonial by Ibuprofen Category Q-3

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all for pulling off the impossible!  And all the above-and-beyond personal touches and professional handling of the many curve balls was impressive.  Can’t thank you enough for making this happen and turning it into such a huge success.  Please pass along our thanks to all the recruiters and staff who helped to make a very demanding client very pleased!

Testimonial by Non-Carbonated Beverages Q-2015

I am very impressed with all the attention to detail and proactive approach from all your staff.  The recruiting process was very smooth and worry-free and all the respondents were very good.  The feedback from the client and moderator was excellent; we’re putting you on our A+ facility/recruiter list…

Testimonial by Compact SUV's Q-3 2015

We are extremely pleased with your team’s efficient and high-quality work.  Thank you for a job well-done.  We’re curious about your geographic reach for future projects – we’d like to use you for all we can!

Testimonial by Philanthropic Giving - online research Q-3 2015

Thanks for doing a terrific job on this project…every report I got from the team was great – they were very positive. I so appreciate everyone’s dedicated efforts!

Testimonial by WNBA and Women's Collge Sports Q-3 2015

Everything went GREAT! They (the recruits) were so much better than we had in the two other cities…please relay that to all your recruiters.  Thank you SO much!

Testimonial by Pet Foods-Cat Owners Q-3 2015

The recruit was amazing! Show rates were amazing! …. In the end we were thrilled with the quality of the recruit, and we absolutely gained some terrific insight that will guide innovation for years to come. Our client was also thrilled ….. so to us, that’s a huge vote of satisfaction.

Testimonial by Personal Healthcare Client - 2Q 2015

Thanks to you and to everyone else at RazorFocus!  You have a great team and a wonderful facility and you made it all happen perfectly, on a tight schedule.  Much appreciated on this end, by all of us!

Testimonial by Youth Apparel & Dolls Client, Q-1 2015

WOW, Wonderful!  Thank you SO much for a great result!  It has been SUCH a pleasure working with you all…your whole team has been great throughout the process and everyone said they loved working with you.  We’ll be back sometime soon!

Testimonial by Academic Institutions Client, Q-1 2015

Just wanted to thank you guys, again.  I really appreciate all that you and your team did to pull off this project.  The main client – who s quite difficult to please – was really, really happy with everything.  She asked me why we don’t do all of our work with you!

Testimonial by Insurance Client, Q-1 2015

Reactions were terrific to the research and the group was extremely confident with the future direction that the study suggests we need to take.  Thanks again for all your efforts…tremendous job!

Testimonial by Dental Care Quant/Qual Client, Q-1 2015

Thank you so much for a great experience!  Everything went so smoothly – the recruiting and re-screening, the food, and making us all feel so at home.  We had a very successful project, thanks to you and your team.

Testimonial by Financial Services Client, Q-1 2015

Really great job with managing this unusual project.  The Client was very pleased and I appreciated the extra hand-holding.  I can always depend on you…thanks for everything.

Testimonial by Dermatologists & OTC Skin Care Client, Q-1 2015

Another GREAT job.  (Client) shared some great stories with me this morning and it seems like the entire team was very satisfied with the results.  Thanks so much, yet again, for all your help – it’s always such a pleasure working with you!

Testimonial by CPG: Kids Client, Q-1 2015

Team – your work was tremendous.  Thank you so much for all the up-front consultation on this.  There was more than enough to get the client thinking more about the target and then refining the design…I really appreciated that.  And thank you for all your hard work and getting the billing out so quickly.  Both projects were hugely successful!

Testimonial by Credit Card Services Client, Q-4 2014

Everything went extremely well today!  All the respondents were great – articulate and detailed in their responses – and we got great learning.  Thank you for everything – especially the quick turn around on this study.

Testimonial by Infant Care Product Ethnos Client, Q-4 2014

Thanks so much for everything!  We really enjoyed working with you – and I have heard nothing but good things when I have spoken with the clients.  They said the recruiting was better than in any of our other markets!

Testimonial by Travel & Tourism Client, Q-4 2014

We just wanted to get back in touch with you to say THANK YOU for all the help you guys gave us this week.  We had a great time and we really couldn’t have done this without you.  And you were right – you do have really good restaurants in Stamford!  Thanks for everything…

Testimonial by Ancestry Services - Quant/Qual Research Client, Q-4 2014

Oh my goodness…you guys were an amazing resource when I was in a crunch and needed some one to come through!!!  Thanks so much for everything – you all really were amazing!!!

Testimonial by CPG Frequent User Program Optimization Client, Q-4 2014

Thank you again for the terrific recruiting and for all around great hospitality!  Our client was extremely pleased – which isn’t easy to do – as am I.  I’m sure I’ll be back your way soon again.

Testimonial by Luxury Automotive Client, Q-4 2014

On behalf of the entire marketing team, I want to thank you for your work last night.  You recruited two great groups that helped us gain the insights we needed.  Thank you again for all your guidance in how to put these together…and most importantly – for the lovely dinner and baked cookies!  We all appreciated your hospitality…always a pleasure working with RF!

Testimonial by Sustainable Engergy Client, Q-4 2014

I just wanted to thank you and your team again for everything yesterday. Our research went very smoothly and your team gave us exactly what we needed. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Testimonial by Financial Services Client, Q-2, 2014

Appreciate everything that went into this project – they are never easy but I feel good about going to you because you work through tough recruits and deliver a positive experience. Great job!

Testimonial by Loyalty Programs Client, Q-2, 2014

You guys rock – thank you for bailing us out on this. Really outstanding job getting this done. I always trust the local market and again you’ve proved me right. You are an extremely trusted resource and there isn’t another area facility I would use before you. Well done!

Testimonial by Financial Services Client, Q-1, 2014

Thanks for a terrific job. My research manager (and the moderator) had nothing but great things to say about the recruit and the facility experience. I’m sure we’ll be back, and probably soon.

Testimonial by Broadcast Client, Q-2, 2014

I want to take a moment to thank you and your entire team for providing me, my team, and my client with a very positive experience at RazorFocus. The recruiting and show rate were excellent, the facility comfortable and the hospitality efficient, warm and welcoming. Rest assured I will return and I will gladly refer business your way.

Testimonial by Home Healthcare Client, Q-2, 2014

Thank you all…if only we’d called you in the first place! I talked to the moderator after the last interview and she was very pleased with the job you guys did…and you made it so convenient for her. Thank you for saving our bacon, as it were.

Testimonial by Pet Care Client, Q-2, 2014

What can I say – nothing but great comments and feedback from everyone, as usual. It was a pleasure to work with the team again. See you soon!

I’m so glad we were able to add the extra in-homes, on such short notice. They were amazingly helpful and insightful. Thanks for setting that up, and for always coming through for us no matter what!

Testimonial by Youth Apparel Client, Q-2, 2014

I wanted to let you know that everything went really well and the respondents were excellent on both days. Thanks for all the great on-site help – and for the fantastic recruit.

Testimonial by Personal Care Products, Q-1, 2014

Thank you for a great experience! Everything worked out quite well and, again, thank you for working with us on the unexpected changes. We really appreciate your flexibility!

Testimonial by Pharma/HCP Client, Q-1, 2014

Thanks for everything! It was wonderful to work with everyone at RazorFocus and we were so pleased with the final results we got. And the recruit was excellent!

Testimonial by Public Policy Client, Q-1, 2014

We just wanted to let you know our project was great. The respondents were very engaged and articulate. Thanks again for always taking such great care of us!

Testimonial by Sports Beverages Client Q-1, 2014