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Connie Sinnaeve
Senior Manager

Connie Sinnaeve

Connie transitioned from her full time “volunteer” position in the Wilton, CT community and Wilton, CT school system to her current position as Senior Manager at RazorFocus in 2013.  Leveraging such organizational skills as church & PTA event coordinating, newsletter editing, fund raising, and miscellaneous parent co-chairmanships of different high school organizations, she is more than prepared for her current assignments at RazorFocus.

Fortunately Connie is no stranger to the marketing industry, having spent 17 years in Advertising Agency Account Services positions.  Connie began her career in the ad game at the fabled Doyle, Dane, Bernbach (NYC) agency, beginning as an Account Coordinator and subsequently rising to the position of Vice President Management Supervisor while working at Ammirati Puris LINTAS (formerly SSC&B).  With a strong background in consumer products marketing she provided invaluable strategic planning and account management services to a variety of food, personal care, and OTC medication clients during her tenure.  Some of the key brands Connie spent time on are ReaLemon lemon juice, Lactaid, Pine-Sol cleaner, Johnson & Johnson baby products, Bali bras, Bayer Aspirin, Imodium AD, and Care Free Pantiliners.

One of the most fulfilling endeavors was serving as the agency team lead in the development of an important packaging and advertising campaign for the introduction of Children’s Motrin (the first transition of an RX to OTC medication in the children’s market).  Needless to say, Connie has spent a large amount of time behind one way mirrors listening to consumers and has a keen grasp of the dynamics of qualitative research, to couple with her high level marketing skills.

Connie graduated from Ashland College in 1981 with a B.A. in Radio/TV and Theater, with a minor in Marketing.  She enjoys being involved with the Wilton Playshop as props mistress, being the number one coach in her daughter’s promising singing and acting aspirations, domestic and international traveling, and spending time with family and friends.   A keen sense of humor and a Razor-sharp wit make Connie very popular with clients and co-workers alike!