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Recruiting: The diversity in our area

We recruit from a melting pot of many – not an elite few.

A surprisingly diverse melting pot populates our 20,000+ respondent database. Using in-house resources (a rarity in this business), we recruit from all points of Fairfield County and Westchester, and because our clients demand a wide range of ethnic points of view, we happily provide. As a business, database maintenance is our primary investment – and our greatest asset.

Breadth of database.

“But doesn’t Fairfield County just have polo players cruising around in Porsches?” Hardly. RazorFocus has a deep database populated with all socio-economic classes, life stages and multi-cultural groups – from African-American to Hispanic to Asian. To prospective clients, the RazorFocus demographic diversity usually comes as quite a surprise.

Respondent subsets – let’s get specific.

  • Creative consumers – for ideation/brainstorming
  • Medical professionals
  • Financial professionals
  • Small to mid-sized business owners and decision-makers
  • Essential services providers – teachers, lawyers, tradesmen, accounting pros
  • Moms with infants and/or toddlers
  • Kids
  • Teens
  • 20-somethings
  • “Millennials”
  • Seniors

Keeping it real. Keeping it fresh.

Not only do we pride ourselves on offering real people, uncoached people, in our ever-growing database, but we’re diligent about keeping that database updated and refreshed with energetic and responsive members. In fact, we’ve recently overhauled our entire database hardware and software systems to make that task even more efficient.

Outside the box – and the office.

Sometimes it’s most effective to go beyond our focus group facility to unearth useful answers and insights. We recruit to all relevant in-situ settings and ethnographies, as well as client sites, test kitchens, hotel ballrooms – wherever it makes the most sense to learn what must be learned.