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Reflections On a Life in Marketing

We wanted to share this extemporaneous interview conducted by a QRCA moderator about a life spent in marketing. Maybe some of you can relate to these war stories!    
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Paul Gets Published in QRCA Views!!

    I had the pleasure of being asked by a long-time client and friend, Mike Carlon, to write an article about making the leap from moderating to owning a focus group facility.   While some of it may fall into the stunningly obvious category, the piece did give me the chance to wax on a few of my pet topics…
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A Take on Ageism

One benefit of spending the last 20 years in market research is being in the position to dissuade dinnertime pollsters through a cordial demurral: ‘let me stop you before you start because you’re going to terminate me anyway…my wife and I work in the market research industry.’ But the researcher in me has always wanted to participate, for the challenge…
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