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Boutique in culture. Unique in approach.


RazorFocus is not another bloated, high-overhead facility with a cookie-cutter mentality. We’re a smaller, tighter group with a single location so we treat every client like our only client. You might say with our boutique structure, we’re lean – without the mean.


We come from the ad agency side. We know the other side of the mirror.

There’s a reason RazorFocus enjoys a 90%+ client repeat rate – we’re actually owned and managed by practicing qualitative researchers and executives with senior-level experience at major agencies, marketing firms and other research companies.

Empathy and industry experience go a long way in understanding your research objectives and expectations – we’re part of your tribe. And we have the services you need.


Name your industry. We’ve been there.

From Fortune 500 industry powerhouses to pro bono clients to start-ups hungry for their slice of emerging markets – our client base covers the gamut.

Testing a new HBA concept? Introducing a breakthrough pharmaceutical treatment to the medical community? Taste-testing a new age beverage? Co-Creating the next “big idea” consumer product or service? Our goal is to make your research experience as satisfying as your research results. We’ll gladly reconfigure an entire room to create the environment you need – recently a shirt-and-tie executive setting was transformed into a raucous toy-filled playroom. Flexibility is key. Whatever it takes.


A sharp focus on recruiting.

You’re only as good as your respondent database – and we make that our number one priority. Our clients demand real people, diverse people, outgoing, interesting and engaging people with relevant things to say. And we take pride in our unique ability to create the optimal environment for respondents to comfortably share their innermost thoughts and feelings.


Our pricing gives you yet another edge.

RazorFocus offers all the expertise, technological wizardry and world-class attention of a much larger (and more expensive) research facility. The difference:  you’ll find our rates are exceptionally competitive and 100% transparent – no surprises at invoice time.


But don't take our word for it...

We depend on client feedback to maintain the high standard of excellence that has ranked us as “One of the Top Facilities Worldwide” for 8 consecutive years.  Find out what clients have to say about their experience at RazorFocus…

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